Repair – Refurbish – Refinish – Reupholster – Re-love

“Now days, everyone spends a fortune on stuff that once it’s broken they just bin it. But everyone has something that means too much to be thrown away. And thats where we come in.”

Jay Blades – The Repair Shop BBC
Scariest repair to date.

It could be sun damage, a scratch or a tear. A squeak, a crack or a collapse.

Maybe it is a cherished item, passed down through the family that you would love restored. A member of a set that has broken and is letting the team down. It could be a retro piece of furniture that is looking a bit dated and needs revamped with a new finish and upholstery.

Contact us below with your name, email and a quick description of the repair you’re after and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the finer details.

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