Hi, I’m Clement and I am a bespoke home accessory and furniture maker and repairer.

I’ve always been able to see what else something could become.  From bending nails for fish hooks in Dad’s shed as a 4 year old to the outdoor furniture I’ve created from pallets otherwise destined to be firewood.

I’ve spent the last 21 years studying, teaching and implementing many aspects of design and manufacture.

The furniture, home accessories and cabinetry I create now as Cardock Design reflect everything I’ve learned on that journey.

I love the challenge of solving a problem with style.  Whenever I can recycling timber, found items and other materials to create pieces I think you’ll love owning as much as I’ve loved creating them.

As pictures tell a thousand words, below are a taste of what I’ve created recently, information on all pieces is available on our Showroom Page.

*And in case you were wondering Cardock Design is named after my first pet as a kid, Cardock the rabbit, named because he liked to eat carrots and dock leaves.

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